What is encountering God?

In Encountering God you will consecrate  your mind & imagination to the Lord. When we focus our mind on the good of the Lord instead of just letting it run wild, God is faithful to meet us there. Overcome road blocks hindering you from encountering God, meet with Him & be healed.

Here is an article by 

David Takle, M.Div.
Shepherd’s House, Inc.

On Imagination and God

Pivotal in finding emotional healing by encountering God. Also helps with life-crippling identity issues. Helps you develop your ability to hear from the Lord and develop a personal relationship with God in a safe and gentle way.

Holy Fascination is a prayer technique that focuses on specific objectives. We believe in this technique and have seen its  astounding ability to lead people to the Lord and emotional restoration.
All of our prayer sessions use biblical based techniques and are Holy Spirit led. 

I’ve always had an extremely active imagination! This got me in trouble as a child as I was always daydreaming or distracted and somewhere else in my mind. As I got older I thought my imagination was something bad and I should really try and not use it too much. I started going to the Holy Fascination class and I learned that my imagination was a gift from God to be used for His glory and to experience Him! The first time I went on a prophetic journey, facilitated by brother Steve, it surprised me! The Holy spirit actually took over and it was such a real experience to me that I was filled with emotion and began crying. It really encouraged me to begin to use my imagination for encounter with God, or just picturing the word as I read it, speaking to God while using imagination! I’ve been doing it for awhile now, and its also opened up the prophetic to me even more! As I pray in the spirit over someone, sometimes the Lord will give me pictures to describe how He feels for that person! God wants to encounter us everyday and we can come to Him boldly as our Father knowing He will meet us!
– Angie Dave