Our Leaders 


Larry Curtis is our Theophostics Lead Teacher and Facilitator. He has spent years dedicating himself to the study of Theophostics. He repeated the KCHC Theophostic 12 Week Class 4 times while it was still being taught by Steve Bartlett. While taking the class repeatedly, he did numerous Theophostic Facilitation’s on other students. He has also seen great breakthrough in his own life from going through numerous Facilitation’s while in the class. Larry’s sweet and gentle spirit is apparent when you first meet him. It seems God made him just for this work by giving him a heart full of compassion. He has a focus on the future of KCHC and is part of the planning committee for future plans of KCHC. Larry is taking KCHC Theophostics to a new place by offering to do facilitation’s along with his students outside of class for those seeking deep healing with the Lord.

Encountering God

Steve Bartlett is the co-founder of KCHC and the director of operations. Steve personally leads our Encountering God Department.  He has  a heart focused heavily on seeing people delivered and healed of their emotional traumas and blockages.  He hopes to see people healed and trained in emotional restoration. He has a vision of equipping and raising up mothers and fathers to complete their destinies. Encountering God  is helping people to have an encounter with the Lord which releases emotional healing. Steve has been leading people to encountering the Lord through Encountering God Sessions and Classes since 2008.