All the counselors listed are equipped to help you encounter the Lord concerning your issues.
Most counselors are available on Skype for remote sessions, inquire with the counselor you’re considering.

Juliet Canha 

 Certified Christian Counselor – Marriage

Pricing: $50 Juliet Only | $70 Randy & Juliet (Couples & Men)

Specializes In: General Counseling, Encouragement and Marriage

Juliet is a graduate of Bible school, a licensed minister, and
a certified Christian counselor. Juliet and her husband Randy
co-led a marriage class for KCHC,  CLICK HERE TO READ HER BLOG.
Discounted Pricing: (When You Volunteer 2 Hours To KCHC)
$30 Juliet Only | $50 Randy & Juliet (Couples & Men)

Juliet is joined by her husband Randy in all couple sessions.

Eric and Lisa Spady

Sexual Abuse/ Addiction, Pornography & Homosexuality


Specialized in Sexual Abuse / Addiction, Pornography & Homosexuality

Eric and his wife Lisa minister to men and women suffering from sexual brokeness.

Eric holds men’s groups focused on overcoming sexual brokeness and the behaviors that come from it.

Please ask about pricing information.

  ​​Ray & Tara Dillabough

 Marriage Counseling, Couples Enrichment, Pre-Marital Counseling

Pricing: 50$ Suggested Donation

Specializes In: Marriage Counseling, Couples Enrichment, Pre-Marital Counseling.

Ray and Tara work together in all couple sessions. They have sponsored and instructed classes specializing in marriage enrichment and marital crisis.

Ray and Tara are both licensed ministers, Ray is a graduate of Evangel University, and both are experienced Christian counselors. Ray and Tara rely heavily on the Holy Spirit in their counseling, believing that He has the answer to every human problem

Mandrin & English Speaking Counselor (M.S.)


Pricing: Discuss When Contacting
Specializes In: Family and Individual Counseling
Chinese Speaking
Works Exclusively Through Skype

Marcus Rackley, Th.M.,

 Certified Chaplain – Depression

Pricing: Offering

Specializes In: Counseling, Inner Healing, Depression and Marriage

Marcus has been in ministry since 1967. He has been involved in prayer
ministry for inner healing since the late 1980’s.
Marcus is currently a Chaplain at  Kansas City Hospice & Palliative Care

Marcus has received training from and/or offered Christian Prayer Ministry with:
Metro Christian Fellowship in Kansas City – Elijah House – Living Waters Transformation Prayer/Theophostic – John & Paula Sanford – Leanne Payne of Pastoral Care Ministries

Venetia Carpenter 

Spiritual Life Coach – Prayer

Pricing: $50 per hour for phone meeting (Min. 1 Hour; Max 2 Hours)
$60 per hour for in person meeting

Specializes In: Spiritual Life Coaching

is the founder and President of Ecclesia International Ministries.  Venetia is a Certified Life Coach, teacher and speaker while also training and equipping others in prophetic revelation and biblical truths. She has ministered and served the body of Christ for over 20 years.

Venetia is on staff at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, MO and has been in leadership there since 2006.  She is a graduate of John & Paul Stanford’s Prayer Counseling Course and is also the author of 3 published books.

Discounted Pricing: Venetia is willing to offer discounted counseling & will barter for administrative help from an experienced professional. 

Rev. Larry Curtis

M.Div. Theophostic Minister

Pricing: $35 Sliding Scale

Specializes In: Transformation Prayer / Theophostic Prayer
Link: What is Theophostic?

Larry Curtis is a long time loyal leader at Kansas City Healing Community. He’s been teaching and facilitating Theophostic by Ed Smith for over 5 years now on a frequent and consistent basis within KCHC. He is an ordained minister & has a Masters of Divinity Degree (professional pastoral theology). 

Larry can be best described as a kind, patient, compassionate & extremely understanding servant of the Lord with the Father’s heart.  Larry has a heart to see people walk in the TRUE FREEDOM that the Lord intended in their lives.

PTSD Ministry

Email: – Contact Steve Bartlett

PTSD  Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition especially prevalent for our military.  PTSD is triggered by a terrifying event — either experiencing it or witnessing it. Symptoms may include flashbacks, nightmares and severe anxiety, as well as uncontrollable thoughts about the event. These people often have difficulty adjusting and coping. By going to the roots of the issue with Jesus and letting Him bring healing, people can walk in freedom, peace and wholeness. Jesus will transform the incidents with His presence. 

Ann Armstrong 

Listening Prayer, Spiritual Direction, Inner Healing

Pricing: $35-55, sliding scale based on income

Specializes in: Listening Prayer, Spiritual Direction, Inner Healing

Ann has Bachelors in English from UCLA and received a certificate in Spiritual Direction from Souljourners in Atchison, KS. She has extensive experience in Listening Prayer, and is the author of Listening for the Healing Word. Her desire is to see others experience the freedom and healing found in Jesus and through the transforming work of the Cross.

Ann has received instruction from and been a leader with the following ministries and churches:
– Desert Stream/Living Waters;
– Vineyard Healing Model;
– Theophostic Prayer;
– Ministries of Pastoral Care (formerly PCM, Leanne Payne);
– Souljourners Spiritual Direction.

Ann currently serves as a group leader in Living Waters. For more information on Living Waters groups click here.

Alison Whitaker

Alison Whitaker

Female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse & marital conflict

Alison Whitaker, PLPC practices in Harrisonville, MO at Wellness Counseling Center under the supervision of Shannon Hiser, LPC, RPT-S. Alison is originally from Savannah, GA and earned her Master’s in Counseling from Cincinnati Christian University. She strongly believes in the Holy Spirit’s power to bring healing and restoration to the soul, every soul.
For the past three years, Alison has worked with female adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse to help them heal and overcome their past trauma. 
Additionally, Alison offers individual counseling to men and women to help them overcome marital conflict and pursue restoration in their marriage as each is willing. She helps them develop healthy boundaries while increasing communication skills and intimacy.
Isaiah 61:1 is one of Alison’s life verses. 
If you are interested in her services, please contact her at 816-974-7378 and mention this website from the Kansas City Healing Community (as she is also listed on the website of Psychology Today). Thank you! 

Wanda White

 Master’s Degree in Faith Based Counseling


Specializes in working with women: Inner Healing, Identity, Loss, Sexual abuse

Wanda White has a Master’s Degree in Faith Based Counseling from Faith Bible College in Independence, MO. She is trained in Theophostic Prayer Ministry. Wanda is the author of the book “Walk With Wonder; Free From Shame and False Identity” and the poem “Christmas In Heaven”.

Wanda has a deep passion to see women walk in the full potential of who God created them to be. She has ministered through counseling and inner healing prayer for the past 7 years. Previous work experience includes a Pro-Life Resource Center and the Teen Challenge Home for Girls in KC. Wanda currently works part-time with a local ministry helping women recover from the indignities of Sexual Human ​Trafficking. She is also a conference speaker and teaches at various venues.

Karen Schwepler

 University of Indiana; MDiv, Asbury Seminary

Specialized in PTSD, Severe childhood abuse, Repressed memories. 

Karen Schwepler BA, De Pauw University, majored in Philosophy and Religion and Sociology;  1 year  graduate program in Sociology,  University of Indiana; MDiv, Asbury Seminary; Theophostic Prayer Ministry training; Emanuel Process training; Freedom Encounters leadership training; Leanne Payne ministry training, Pure Heart ministry leader.

Karen has 25 years pastoral counseling and 

For The counselors listed we guarantee that we will only list trusted counselors based on their demonstration of Christian morale and ethics.  We do not list counselors that our leaders do not know personally. We list counselors for the benefit of all those seeking  help from trusted Christians who  have demonstrated a genuine relationship with the Lord through their own breakthroughs and ministry’s over many years.

Disclaimer: All counselors listed on this page are solely recommendations. We are a non-for-profit and do not staff employees or counselors.  We do not guarantee results from or take responsibility for damages done by anyone listed.  We do not guarantee that all counselors listed are licensed or insured.