Our Mission
To release healing with an emphasis on people’s relationship with Christ.
To train and equip the saints for ministry with the father heart of God.
To build a community, not just a ministry. 
To offer extensive resources to all who need healing in any area of life.

Our Vision
To see community and God-Infused fellowship as the Bible describes it in the book of Acts.
To see community where the people are delighted to be in relationship with each other. 
To see individuals grow spiritually and emotionally into maturity so they become safe life givers.
To see individuals equipped to minister to each other in love.
To see individuals who are stuck emotionally, walk in freedom. 
To connect with other healing communities and learn from each other.

We are a group of Christian believers working together to help the brokenhearted. We are doing this by teaching and facilitating prayer techniques which are widely accepted in Christian Inner Healing culture. We have all been touched by a world which leaves our hearts in pieces, time and again.  

However, we at Joy Valley have been touched by a God eager to pick up those pieces and faithfully put them back together every time we bring them to Him. 

In all we do we hope only to move others and ourselves  
closer in relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ

We Do Not Condone, Are In No Way Related To And Do Not Teach On Or Practice To Any Degree Any Of The Following: Hypnosis, Acupuncture, Witchcraft, Guided Imagery, New Age Ideas or Practices, Eastern Religion Ideas or Practices, or any other Non-Biblical Based Practices or Beliefs.